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Robert Doc Barham

Is passionate about helping you and your organization being their best. We all want to grow, perform at our best, and accomplish our goals, and everyone experiences challenges in life.


At Barham Group, we provide full spectrum, peak performance coaching and hypnotherapy. We guide you through a proven, measurable process for sustainable success and mastery in your personal and professional life. Our clients are entrepreneurs, executives, entertainers, artists, athletes and others who believe in making the world a better place to live.  

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You meet with a professional coach for a in person confidential consultation by phone or online, to discuss the positive changes you want to experience in your life and business. You also receive a comprehensive assessment to determine the best solutions and a path for reaching your goals. We create a unique program just for you. Fulfillment of your program starts with the very first session. Get in touch with us ​to schedule your initial consultation today.

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Each session starts with a brief review of where you are in your program, what you have experienced so far, and what your focus is today. You work with your coach to resolve past and current challenges and to make any changes you desire to move forward successfully. At the close of each session, you get clear about your plans and actions until your next appointment. You have full support each step of the way, and throughout your program, you always have access to your coach.

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We offer different programs and packages to fit your individual wants and needs. We design your program based specifically upon your desires and goals as expressed during your initial consultation. You are working with an experienced and trained professional who supports and guides you through the achievement of your goals and your transformation.

For more than twenty years, Robert ‘Doc’ Barham has been coaching people to improve themselves, their lives and their organizations.

His path to coaching is unique. When Doc was seven years old, his father coached him in different sports including baseball, basketball and football. He learned about coaching by watching his father and asking questions. Years later, Doc volunteered as an elementary school basketball coach and a counselor for children. In college, he made his start as a stand up comedian by producing an open mic stand up comedy show in Blacksburg, Virginia while majoring in Theatre Arts at Virginia Tech University’s School Of Performing Arts. He also hosted a music radio show at the university radio station WUVT FM. The stand up comedy show was successful, and in its second year, moved to another venue adjacent to campus. 

While still in school, he was invited to open for Ellen Degeneres at an on campus taping of HBO’s Comic Relief. Soon after he decided to become a professional entertainer. He toured the United States and Canada as a standup comedian and stage hypnotist, headlining comedy clubs, colleges, and companies, while appearing on morning radio shows around the nation. Conversations with a friends who were also professional comedian inspired him relocate from the Northern Virginia area to Haight Ashbury in San Francisco, California. 

In 1998, his agent landed him an audition at the the famous Improv in Hollywood. He was one of twelve comedians, selected from a field of over two thousand auditioners worldwide, who performed in the New Faces Of Comedy Showcase at the prestigious Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal Canada. Later, he was invited to New York City to perform on Comedy Central’s Two Drink Minimum with host comedians Jake Johanssen, Mark Maron and Dave Atell. While on tour, he recorded a live sold out show at the Funnybone in Boise, Idaho which led to the release of a stand up comedy album titled Global Village Idiot.

He added a second career after being offered the roles of Director of Personnel Development and Director Of New Products And Services for a nationally known company. He worked as the executive coach to the senior leadership team and lead trainer for programs for the company employees at Metabolic Research. In 2001, he moved to Los Angeles, California to work with Positive Changes Hypnosis Centers and to continue his work as a professional entertainer. 

In Los Angeles, he started his own executive coaching practice, consulting with peak performance clients from such diverse organizations as Mind Valley, the NBA, NCAA, PGA, NASCAR, World Series of Poker, Zappos, Country Music Association, Playboy, Warner Music Group, Oprah Winfrey Network and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies.

He has continued his education in psychology, personal growth and development, the performing arts and and business. He has also completed numerous trainings at the The Institute Of Heartmath, Hypnotherapy Training Institute, NLP Marin, The Monroe Institute, The International Reiki Healing Association, Center For Neuroacoustic Research, EEG Institute, The International Academy Of Holodynamics, INLP Center, and holds a dozen different certifications in television and radio arts.

He has appeared in the media on television, radio, the web and in print on The History Channel, PBS, Comedy Central, Spike TV, the Bob and Tom Show, Big Biz Radio, Zo What? Show, Business Rockstars, Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Success Magazine, Business Insider, Fast Company, Psychology Today, and Huffington Post. 

He is certified as a coach and mentor, master hypnotist, hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, and reiki master teacher. He is also a member the International Coaching Federation, National Guild Of Hypnotists, and the National Federation Of Hypnotists Union OPEIU 104 AFL-CIO, CLC. He is host and producer of his radio show, American Dreamtime. 


Robert Doc Barham Speaker

Robert Doc Barham Speaker

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In Their Own Words

At Barham Group, we’re committed to providing world class coaching. Every customer is unique and important to us and it’s an honor to share some of their reviews with you. To find out more about how we can work with you get in touch with us today.

"In my years of knowing Robert 'Doc' Barham, not only have I been amazed by his commitment to coaching, training, and improving the lives of others, but his commitment to his own personal development as a human being, as well. I recommend him to anyone wishing to improve themself and their life. Doc has been an inspiration to me just as I know he will be to you."

Johnny G, Inventor Of Spinning

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We are here to answer all your questions and listen to your comments or special requests. We’d love to hear from you. Give us a call or send us an email today.

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